Harvey Nichols Restaurant Manchester
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Second Floor Restaurant, Manchester

Second Floor Restaurant Manchester

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Harvey Nichols, Exchange Square, Manchester, M1 1AD [map]
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3 mins walk to the royal exchange theatre / 5 mins to the MEN arena
plush restaurant and brasserie above the posh harvey nichols designer store [amend]
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Second Floor Restaurant at Harvey Nichols Manchester - overall reader reviews

most popular dish: fillet of english beef

Harvey Nichols Second Floor Restaurant Manchester - reader comments

"A great evening with great food. Service was polite and attentive - made you feel like they wanted you to be there. Great views of Exchange Square at night. I didn't know much about Harvey Nicks before this - but I intend to get to know it much better." - james, manchester 15/4/08 (visited on a friday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "Many of the comments below sum up the 2nd Floor Restaurant superbly. Both the presentation of the food and the view over Exchange Square are wonderful, the portions are tiny and overpriced. All in all, not a bad place to take your Mum whilst out shopping but I much prefer the Brasserie where prices are more realistic and the food less pretentious." - rob, manchester 24/2/08 (visited on a saturday lunch)

"The view was great, the ideas behind most dishes were great, but would have to complain about 2 very over-cooked fish dishes, Halibut and Cod were very badly done, too over-cooked by far, although accompaniments were fine. I can't believe the dessert was presented in such a way that some of it was literally impossible to eat - I had Bitter Choc Dessert, which had a jelly in a shot glass which the dessert spoon was too big to get in to. I can understand adventurous presentation, but not at the price of cooking the ingredients right, and letting us get at them. I eat out a lot, and this was like a Masterchef quarter-finalist let loose in a professional kitchen; lots of clever ideas, not enough basic execution. Waiters friendly, but a bit disconcerting to see my main course being presented to the people next to us, (and the mistake repeated again and again). Sorry to say this, but not good value for money, even when compared with similar in London" - kathleen buckley, london 18/2/08 (visited on a sunday lunch)

"The food was incredible. Full of fantastic flavours. I ordered a vegetarian starter of Wild Mushrooms and a main course of Beef with Potato Gratin and Truffle Jus and, whilst initially a little dissappointed with the size of portions, soon changed my mind with how filling the food was! My partner and I both decided to go the whole hog and have three courses and the selection of puddings was a delight. The wine list was, as expected, very impressive if a little overpriced, and I did notice they left the price tag on the back of our bottle of wine, revealing just how much of a mark up they applied! All in all, a very good, if somewhat pricey restaurant and would happily eat here again" - gemma, manchester 18/2/08 (visited on a saturday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "There's no doubting that Harvey Nic's chef Alison Seagrave is talented but it would be interesting to see if she'd have the same reputation if she wasn't working at a restaurant aimed at rich shoppers and footballers' wives. The artistic presentation of the food matches the impressive view from the corner window however something is lacking and it's hard to put your finger on what it is. Service on most of my visits has been too formal and the food, whilst beautiful to look at, was either too cold or lacking that final touch which you'd expect to find in more decorated restaurants in the region. Portion sizes are as small as those you'd find at some of the tapas bars in town, with side dishes almost certainly required for nearly everything on the menu. That doesn't relate to the price though, which are amongst the highest in the city centre, with most mains around the £18 mark plus £3.50 for sides and the additional 10% extra service charge they add - even at the bar! Overall, it's a potentially great restaurant - especially at the moment with their breathtaking Willard Wigan Exhibition, exhibiting the world's smallest works of art. However, like Wigan's work, the dishes in the Second Floor Restaurant are also beautiful looking, small and expensive!" - matthew, manchester 5/2/08 (visited on a sunday lunch)

"Very impressive and great views out of restaurant window. Excellent food and service - amazing cocktails and wine choice" - adam rae, derbyshire 15/11/07 (visited on a saturday evening)

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