Old Wellington Inn Manchester
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The Old Wellington Inn, Manchester

The Old Wellington Inn Manchester

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4 Cathedral Gates, Manchester, M3 1SW [map]

Tel: 0161 830 1440
3 mins walk to the royal exchange theatre / 5 mins walk to the MEN arena
manchester pub dating back to 1530 with a modern interior, serving excellent local dishes in large portions [amend]

The Old Wellington Inn Manchester - overall reader reviews


most popular dish: fillet steak sandwich

The Old Wellington Inn Manchester - reader comments

"We waited 20 minutes for our first drink and 1 hour 35 mins for our food. We then waited 15 minutes for the bill which never arrived. We decided to leave the pub without paying!!! The staff were very quick to respond then! After a discussion with the manager, whose attitude was terrible, he agreed to knock off the cost for the drinks. However, we have since realised he did not refund us the full amount. On leaving the pub he told us all to 'Sod off and go and shop at Primark'. Nice attitude!! The manager also claimed he was not there to offer us a service. I would like to know why he is in this kind of trade if he is not offering a service? Do not visit this pub if you need to eat within one hour and would like pleasant staff, especially management" - tina sherratt, staffordshire 14/5/07 (visited on a saturday lunchtime)

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