Lounge 10 Restaurant Manchester
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Lounge 10

Lounge 10 Manchester

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10 Tib Lane, Manchester, M2 4JB [map]
Tel: 0161 834 1331
3.5 mins walk to the royal exchange theatre
moulin rouge style french restaurant offering great food and live music in sexy intimate surroundngs [amend]
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Lounge Ten Manchester - overall reader reviews

most popular dish: roast rump of lamb
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Lounge Ten Restaurant Manchester - reader comments

"Eating in Lounge 10 is like being centered around a main staircase over 3 floors with little or no room for people passing to use the toilets. There were 21 of us on the bottom floor and they should never have agreed to take such a large booking as we were incredibly cramped and were almost sitting inside the kitchen at one end and the cloakroom at the other. The live music is one person with a mic going up and down the staircase, quite pathetic really. The toilets are communal and smelt of urine with a palm reader in there and a toilet assistant, not a huge room. I dont see what the attraction is myself its the worst £140.00 I've ever spent." - Lisa, Manchester 22/4/08 (visited on a saturday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "We found this disappointing. Having booked a table well in advance and requested one that wasn't in a corridor (based on other reports) we were disappointed to find that we had been placed in a busy corridor. Everybody had to walk past us to get to the toilets and the waiters had to squeeze past to get to tables. As a result it was not romantic or relaxing as we spent most of our night dodging passers by. The food was OK but nothing special and the drinks were a bit pricey. The singer and table magician were excellent. All in all a good idea that doesn't quite work in practice. Not one we'll be recommending." - melanie, wigan 14/4/08 (visited on a saturday evening)

"Had a nice evening, the food was ok, not the best l've had, but very nice. Had a very good singer l think his name was Victor. Sang some nice songs through the evening. We went up stairs to the powder room and found a real Romany fortune teller and had our fortune told. Unusual to find a clairvoyant, but she was very good, eerie, but true; a lovely lady. We had a nice time to end the evening, We'll be back." - Dave Lacey, Manchester 26/9/07 (visited on a wednesday evening)

"In my job working for a top catering company in the UK, I have eaten food cooked by top chefs such as Gary Rhodes, Paul Heathcote and Anton Adelmann so I know good food when I see it! I've eaten at Lounge Ten twice and both times have not been disappointed. The food has been excellent and the extra touches such as the live music, magician and a free limo at the end of the meal really make it an extra special night out. My only comment would be that you need to ask for a table upstairs, because I think it might be a bit cold downstairs. Other than that, this is defintely my favourite restaurant in Manchester so far. We will definitely be back again!." - Judith, Cheshire 3/9/07 (visited on a saturday evening)

"Have been to this restaurant approx 8-10 times now, brought my employees for xmas last year, had my hen night in the boudoir and have always thoroughly enjoyed it. The food is excellent and have never had a tiny complaint, the waiters are friendly (management sometimes a bit stoney faced though). I think the prices are what you would expect to pay for a central Manchester restaurant, the singers are excellent and Tony the magician is amazing (even booked him for a party I had). I would definately recommend it but it is a bit chilly on the ground floor so try and ask not to be sat there when you book." - lisa, manchester 26/7/07 (visited on a saturday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "I gave this restaurant 4/5 because of the dessert - I had After Eight Brownies with Mint Ice Cream. It was out of this world and the presentation was amazing!!!! Apart from that - it was EXTREMELY expensive and the music was very loud. We were sat downstairs close to the door and they left the door open, so I was quite cold all night. The food was OK - the Piri Piri Chicken came with a Jerk Chicken Spring Roll which was VERY spicy - I can not eat spicy food and would therefore have appreciated if there was a warning on the menu. The decor is very impressive and definitely worth seeing. In the toilets they had a girl there, who 'helped' you wash your hands - It was intimidating and not nice. I later heard that she was a clairvoyant, but still - I find toilet assistants inappropriate, especially in a place this small." - nancy, manchester 11/6/07 (visited on a tuesday evening)

Trusted Reviewer "After hearing good reviews, I've been wanting to visit Lounge 10 for a long time. That's maybe why I never turned around when hearing how loud (and bad) the live swing music was from the top end of the street!!! There's nothing worse than trying to have a romantic meal in intimate surroundings with a heavily amplified drunken crooner slurring away to a backing tape at the end of your table. But that's what gives Lounge 10 it's uniqueness. They're trying to recreate that 19th Century Parisian Moulin Rouge feeling. Live entertainment and sexy surroundings - paintings of naked Roman orgies, velvet curtains and candlelit stairways really add a touch of class. The food, whilst amazingly presented, was nothing special, yet incredibly overpriced. Even with a £20 discount using my Hi-Life card, the bill still came to a whopping £40 and that was for just 2 courses and one bottle of still water!!! The Mediterranean lamb I opted for wasn't a patch on the same dish being offered by Bacchanalia just around the corner. I'm surprised I could taste it at all after having my tastebuds almost cremated by the boiling hot Parsnip and Honey Soup starter. Whilst there may be many better alternatives in town for good food, for great surroundings, Lounge 10 would be hard to beat." - matthew, manchester 7/6/07 (visited on a wednesday evening)

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