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New Samsi japanese Restaurant Manchester

New Samsi Manchester

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36-38 Whitworth Street, Manchester, M1 3NR [map]

CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE or Tel: 0161 279 0022
4 mins walk to the palace theatre
japanese restaurant next to the gay village serving more than just sushi and teppanyaki [amend]
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New Samsi Restaurant Manchester - overall reader reviews

most popular dish: bento box
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New Samsi Japanese Restaurant Manchester - reader comments

Trusted Reviewer "The Bento boxes at New Samsi are superb value for money - I'll certainly return again for lunch however a recent visit in the evening was the biggest let down for a long time! After experiencing a wonderful lunchtime menu I was looking forward to an evening meal with five friends. I'd bragged how good New Samsi was after numerous visits. I was left to feel embarrassed afterwards though. First of all, the waitress at the door wasn't friendly and clearly felt under pressure with the amount of custom they had. The same waitress took our drinks order but, as I hestitated for barley one second, snapped 'I'll come back later!' and walked off in a huff.
We ordered the banquet - the sushi was nice, fresh and enjoyable. The Miso soup was fine. As for the main course - everything was battered, whether it be the chicken, veg or a shrimp with a tail still attached - it was greasy and the batter made the food tasteless. The noodles and rice were fine but as for the meat - it was raw - covered in blood - impossible to eat with chopsticks and why would I choose to eat meat which wasn't cooked? We could have complained and sent it back to the kitchen but we had to go to the Cornerhouse cinema along the road and time wasn't on our side. To conclude, New Samsi was a huge disappointment and if that was top Japanese cuisine recommended by Richard and Judy (as they advertise), clearly they haven't been back for some years - even Punch and Judy wouldn't recommend this place!"
- rob, manchester 16/4/08 (visited on a tuesday lunch)

Trusted Reviewer "First thing to say is this place is amazing value for money, the size of the food is not for the faint hearted! Just under £10 for a Miso Soup, 4 random sushi pieces, then a Bento box with steak, deep fried veg and other delights. Portions that would satisfy anyone's hunger at a price for everone's budget. Also it's worth a venture downstairs for the authentic Japanese supermarket. I will be visiting, again and again I'm sure" - nick, stockport 7/4/08 (visited on a monday afternoon)

"I love eating at the Samsi, OK some might argue it isn't as authentic as it might be... but then what would I know, all I do know is that the food is excellent, fresh, appetising and the quantities could overface the hungriest diner. The service is polite and courteous, the choice wide and tempting, and all seems to be well prepared and fairly reasonably priced for city centre dining. I have a sushi fixation hence my regular attendance, (go at lunchtimes for the best bargain sushi meal ever...£15 for 'all you can eat') and their selection always has something new that I have never tried which is always welcome. My partner had the Beef Sukiyaki, after sharing a Sushi Platter and a Sashimi Platter and although the 'first course' was substantial, the Sukiyaki was tasty enough for him to manage finishing it! I had a lighter choice of the Chicken Yakitori and it came with rice and a lovely salad, which was very welcome and not too overfacing. I would, and have, recommended this restaurant to anyone who has a taste for sushi and Japanese food in general and I know several friends have been impressed, so much so that one had a birthday celebration meal with 8 friends and was amazed at the service, quality and size of the portions (Samurai Banquet). My only small niggle is that the tables are rather small if you have a lot of plates and bowls, along with glasses, it can feel a little cramped, but that is only because the range and selection is so tempting! There's a great 'supermarket' downstairs where you can buy items to make your own food too. Excellent. PS For the hygiene conscious the toilets are lit with black lights so you see just how clean they are." - kelly evans, manchester 17/3/08 (visited on a friday evening)

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