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Chaophraya Thai Restaurant Manchester

Manchester Restaurants listed by cuisine

There are restaurants in Manchester to suit everybody's taste, offering different food from all over the world. From Japanese sushi to Spanish tapas, Argentinean steaks to Italian pizza, spicy Indian dishes to Scandinavian seafood or Chinese banquets to good old fashioned regional British dishes, Manchester has it all. With the Egon Ronay, Michelin and Good Food guides recognising some of these amongst the best in Europe.

So whether you're looking to try something new, find your favourite dishes or relive those holiday memories, there's plenty of restaurants in Manchester to match your requirements. 
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British restaurants in Manchester British
local dishes - fine dining - pub grub
try the local dishes and under-rated british cuisine in many of the fine dining restaurants in Manchester or more basic pub restaurants
European restaurants  in Manchester European & International
mainland european - fine dining - international dishes - varied cuisine
there's many restaurants in manchester offering menus with a wide influence of food styles and cuisines from mainland europe, russia and the rest of the world
Chinese, Japanese & Thai restaurants in Manchester Oriental
chinese - thai - japanese - malaysian - korean - mongolean - nepalese
the chinese restaurants in manchester have long been recognised as the best in europe, with the thai & japanese offerings just as good
Italian restaurants in Manchester Italian
pizza - pasta - traditional italian dishes
there's a large number of Italian restaurants in Manchester ranging from traditional pizzerias & large chains to plush fine dining restaurants
Indian Restaurants in Manchester Indian
indian - pakistani - bangladeshi - sri lankan
many of the indian restaurants in manchester are amongst the best in europe, whilst rusholme also offers the famous curry mile
Spanish restaurants in Manchester Spanish
spanish - portuguese - tapas
there's some excellent spanish and portuguese wine and tapas restaurants in manchester, the city where the la tasca chain started
Turkish restaurants in Manchester Turkish & Middle Eastern
turkish - mediterranean - persian - iranian - armenian - lebanese - kurdish
there's an excellent choice of persian and turkish restaurants in manchester offering everything from kebabs to charcoal grlls
French restaurants in Manchester French
french - fine dining - bistros - nouveau cuisine
there's a great selection of french restaurants and bistros in manchester, with top chefs serving superb quality food and wine
Greek restaurants in Manchester Greek
greek - cypriot - tavernas - tapas
some of the greek restaurants in manchester are recognised as being amongst the best in britain, with tapas and wine on offer
American restaurants in Manchester American
american diners - new york style pizzerias - burger bars - cajun
as with all uk cities there's a large number of u.s. franchises, burger bars, new york pizzerias and american diners in manchester
South American South American
mexican - argentinean - brazilian
there's a handful of mexican restaurants in manchester and argentinean grill bars offering tasty tacos, burritos and steaks
Seafood restaurants in Manchester Seafood
scandinavian - fish - seafood - sashimi
there's a handful of specialist scandinavian and british seafood restaurants in manchester, plus japanese restaurants offering sashimi
Vegetarian restaurants in Manchester Vegetarian
vegetarian - vegan - organic
there's a number of top vegetarian restaurants in manchester offering more than just the standard 2 dishes you find elsewhere
Halal restaurants in Manchester Halal
there's many restaurants in manchester serving food that is permissible according to islamic law, these range from indian and chinese restaurants to chicken and burger restaurants.
Kosher restaurants in Manchester Kosher
israeli - jewish
more of a style of cooking than a cuisine, there are a handful of kosher restaurants in manchester
South African restaurants in Manchester African
south african - nigerian - tapas
there's only a handful of african restaurants in manchester offering tapas and tasty dishes from all across the continent
Caribbean restaurants in Manchester Caribbean
for a tasty difference why not try one of the excellent caribbean restaurants in manchester
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